Watch worth by Kronos 360

1) Follow the evolution of the value of watches with Kronos Index.

Kronos Index is a composite index incorporating the selling prices of 90 watch brands over a 10-year period. This index results from the analysis of more than 10,000 transactions, shows the evolution of the average selling price of used luxury watches over a long period.

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2) The luxury watches worth updated with the Kronos simulator.

As a reference internet platform for the luxury new and second hand watch market, KRONOS 360 has a reliable history of the true value of a luxury watch. With over 10 000 luxury watches sold and 100 large referenced brands, provides you with reliable information to buy and sell your watch in the best conditions.

How does this work?

The value of a luxury watch varies according to the supply and demand on the model at a given time. Regarding vintage and pre-collection watches, whose production is stopped, rarity is the main criterion of evolution of the price. As for the modern watches still present in the catalog, the value is strongly indexed on the desirability of the brand. To determine the value of your watch you just need to bring the exact reference of the model indicated on the certificate of origin or the invoice of purchase of your watch. If you do not have the reference, you can retrieve the information directly on the brand’s website.

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