Payment in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

payer montre de luxe bitcoin

Buy your luxury watch with bitcoins !

KRONOS 360 integrates the secure cryptocurrency payment solution developed by Bitpay, a leading player in the blockchain ecosystem. By integrating a means of payment in cryptocurrencies, Kronos 360 offers its 2.5 million users a complementary solution to payment in Fiat currencies such as the Euro, the pound sterling or the dollar.

To buy your luxury watch with bitcoins, simply select the watch that interests you and move from your cart to the selection of your payment method. By selecting Bitpay, you can connect your crypto wallet and choose from more than a dozen cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDCoin or Dogecoin.

For those who do not yet have a wallet, you have the possibility to register on Bitpay and validate your order once the verification procedure (KYC ) has been carried out.