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Check out our second-hand and collector Patek Philippe collection. Choose the Patek Philippe model that suits you. Our automatic or mechanical Patek Philippe watches are evaluated and authenticated and get a service that is guaranteed for two year.

Patek Philippe is one of the best watchmaking brand in the world. The manufacture was founded in Geneva in 1839 by Polish Antoine Norbert de Patek and the watchmaker François Czapek. Patek Philippe specialised in high quality watchmaking and constantly innovated (over 70 patents were registered since the creation of the brand). Patek Philippe created the first keyless-winding pocket watch in 1861 and the double chronograph in 1902. Patek Philippe also created the most complicated watch in the world, the 89 calibre pocket watch and the most expensive watch that was ever sold in an auction room, the Henry Graves watch. Chronographs, vintage and modern Patek Philippe watches cross history and time with iconic models like the Nautilus, the World Time, the Callatrava, the Aquanaut or the Annual Calendar.

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