Pre-owned Jaeger-Lecoultre Watch

Get yourself a second-hand Jaeger-Lecoultre watch evaluated and authenticated by KRONOS 360. Our collection of Jaeger-Lecoultre watches gets a one-year guarantee. Purchase your Jaeger-Lecoultre watch at the best price with total peace of mind.

Jaeger Lecoultre manufacture offers several iconic models like the Master, the Duomètre and the Geographic bust the most famous model remains the Reverso. The Reveso was created in 1931, to help indian Polo players. It is the first watch ever that allows players to wear their favourite watch during games without damaging it, simply by flipping over its dial. The Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso became the most iconic watch of watchmaking for it is strong, casual and chic at the same time. In order to perfect your chic dandy style, choose your Jaeger Lecoultre at KRONOS 360 in our collection of Reverso, Master Compressor, Ultra Thin, Geographic or Grande Memovox.

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