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Rolex is recognized worldwide for the quality and diversity of its luxury watch models. Rolex launched the Milgauss in 1956 with the help of scientists to resist the effects of the Earth’s magnetic field. The Rolex Milgauss is uniquely designed to withstand a 1,000 gauss magnetic force with a powerful protection system inside its Oyster case. Automatic watch for men, it is now worn as a sporty watch mounted on a steel strap, but it is also very popular in vintage version. The black, blue or white Milgauss is recognizable among all thanks to its orange second hand.

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Rolex Milgauss: A Fusion of Science and Elegance

Current Status

The Rolex Milgauss, renowned for its magnetic resistance, continues to stand out in the luxury watch market for its unique combination of scientific innovation and classic elegance. Designed to meet the needs of scientists and engineers, the Milgauss is capable of withstanding magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss, a feature that underscores Rolex's commitment to precision and durability. The current lineup retains the model's signature aesthetics, including the distinctive lightning bolt second hand and clean, sophisticated design, while incorporating modern Rolex technology to enhance its performance and appeal.


Introduced in 1956, the Rolex Milgauss was designed as a tool watch for professionals working in power plants, medical facilities, and research labs where electromagnetic fields can cause havoc on mechanical watches. The name "Milgauss" is a portmanteau of "mille" (one thousand in Latin) and "gauss," the unit of magnetic field strength. This model was a testament to Rolex's pioneering spirit, combining advanced materials like ferromagnetic alloys to protect the movement and maintain accuracy in challenging environments.

Different Models/Series

Over the years, the Milgauss has seen several iterations, each refining and enhancing the original design. Notable models include:

  • The Original Reference 6541: This first model featured a rotating bezel and honeycomb dial, characteristics that set it apart from later versions.
  • The Reference 1019: Introduced in the 1960s, this version adopted a more subdued design, with a smooth bezel and silver or black dial, moving away from the earlier sportier look.
  • The Modern Variants: Rolex revived the Milgauss in 2007 with the Reference 116400. This version reintroduced the lightning bolt second hand and included new features like a green sapphire crystal, adding to its distinctiveness.

The Milgauss remains a symbol of Rolex's ability to combine practicality with luxury, offering a watch that not only serves the scientific community but also appeals to those who appreciate a timepiece with a story.

Investment through Kronos360

Investing in a Rolex Milgauss through Kronos360 offers enthusiasts and collectors an opportunity to own a piece of horological innovation. Each Milgauss watch available through Kronos360 is meticulously inspected to ensure authenticity and quality, making it not just a purchase but a wise investment. With its rich history, technological prowess, and timeless design, the Milgauss stands as a testament to Rolex's enduring legacy and a valuable addition to any collection.

Market Value

The Rolex Milgauss maintains a strong position in the secondary market, appreciated not only for its anti-magnetic properties but also for its distinctive design elements. Vintage models, especially those with unique features or limited production runs, are particularly sought after by collectors and can command premium prices. The watch's appeal is bolstered by its rarity and the lore surrounding its scientific origins, making it a standout choice for those looking to invest in a piece of Rolex's innovative history.

The Rolex Milgauss embodies the perfect blend of form and function, a watch that pays homage to the scientific achievements that have shaped our modern world. Its ability to withstand the invisible force of magnetism while maintaining elegance and precision makes it a unique piece in the realm of luxury timepieces, appealing to both the technically minded and the style-conscious.